Three Stories Inn

Three Stories Inn Logo that features a bird sitting on three books with the slogan: 'Cause every stay has a story' wrapping around.
Kitchen and dining area of the epilogue in three stories inn

The Epilogue

Prices Start at $350

An Elegant Vacation Suite in Downtown St. Augustine

Window View

Private Parking

Dining Service

Full Kitchen

Washer & Dryer

Welcome to the ideal setting for a fully digital luxury getaway inn — in the heart of St. Augustine. The Epilogue Suite, a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom suite on the third level of Three Stories Inn, offers a unique high-end experience designed to exceed your expectations.

You will be greeted by a lavishly designed kitchen and dining area when you enter the suite. The fully equipped kitchen includes all the necessary appliances and utensils, with plenty of seating for guests.

It makes the perfect dining place to enjoy drop-in service of gourmet charcuteries, desserts, and wines.

Guests can take in beautiful views of St. Augustine from the cozy living room and two bedrooms. Each bedroom contains a queen bed, a private bathroom, lush linens, and custom décor.

Your lodgings are just a few minutes walk from the heart of St. Augustine and everything downtown has to offer.

Suppose you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation for your family or friends. In that case, the Epilogue Suite may be the next chapter in your story.

Closeup view of the second bedroom inside of the epilogue suite of three stories inn

Book your stay and enjoy a novel getaway.

Other Rooms at Three Stories Inn

View of the foreword suite in three stories inn
Prices Start at $250

The Prologue

1 bedroom | 1 bathroom

A 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment that promises elegance & charm.

View of the prologue suite in three stories inn
Prices Start at $279

The Foreword

1 bedroom | 1 bathroom

A 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment ideal for a luxurious getaway.